A brand is the foundation to a company’s identity, your brand needs to reflect your company’s personality, professionalism and overall image. Companies with a good brand foundation will have a positive impact and create a level of trust and credibility with your customers which in turn generates a growing client base and sales.

SAB Graphics has worked with start up companies and also large corporate organisations to create a strong, appealing brand. It’s crucial the brand is well thought out, planned and consistently designed.

A brand isn’t the full design pieces of a company, it’s more of an umbrella network which houses all the design work inside it, ensuring there is a high level of consistency that maintains a strong corporate image.

We work with you and keep you updated regularly when we start to build your brand, which generally includes colour swatches, typography, photography, paginated layouts, business cards, stationery, livery, branding guidelines and other core tools that are required to reinforce the brands image.