There is more to creating an effective brand identity than just a great logo. A brand is what creates an individual’s gut feeling about your product or service. Allowing them to form a bond with your company which is strong enough for them to buy into your service or product.

That being said, a company’s logo is a vital business identity tool for every company. It’s what gives your company visibility, makes it recognizable and is responsible for being seen on nearly every single item related to you business.

SAB Graphics has provided an extensive logo design solution for clients all over Darwen, Blackburn, Manchester, London, Kent and for many more UK based companies. Our growing client base is partly down to the way we work on these projects.

Initially, we discuss the company in detail, ensuring we have stron understanding on the businesses services, products and goals. We aim to understand what the business likes and makes it ‘tick’. Doing this in depth analysis gives us an insight into the core of a business allowing us to build up the presence of how the logo should feel.

Secondly, we start to artwork and produce logo designs – on average we bounce around 30 ideas per brand, whittling and perfecting a favoured, select amount down to handful, which is then presented to you.

Finally, the feedback from the presentation is filtered through the chosen logo by you and the final touches applied to make you a truly eye catching logo for your brand.