The mobile world is a rapidly growing industry, with many customers viewing your website design on their smartphone or tablet. It’s crucial your website is viewed easily on every device. Many older websites that are active still don’t support modern day smartphones and tablets, SAB Graphics in Lancashire can rectify this problem providing mobile solutions for all websites.

Mobile Design

Our creative website designers at SAB Graphics can provide a fantastic solution for your mobile design. We can provide a fast loading, LITE version of your current website to ensure your business is viewable to an extended market.

LITE speed

Due to Mobile networks DATA limits and speeds, we produce most of our Mobile websites as LITE websites, which is basically a scaled down version of your website, allowing for fast loading and easy navigation on mobile sites – but without the bloat.

Tablet Design

Tablets are in effect, a small laptop which can perform slightly more tasks than a mobile, most of them can practically view the full website directly on them – however this is not always the case. This is why SAB Graphics uses responsive design that re formats the design of the website automatically as the browser window changes size.


SAB Graphics ensures the mobile sites prioritise the information that is desired most on mobile website designs by customers, such as opening times, branch locator, phone number and prices etc.